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Currency Exchange in Latvia

  The national currency of Latvia - Lat (1 LVL = 100 santims). International designation of Lat - LVL (inside Latvia - Ls). Lat's exchange rate to the euro is constant - 1 EUR = 0,702804 LVL (or 1 LVL = 1,423 EUR) for usage euro in Latvia in future. The Bank of Latvia allows to vary the rate of the lat in the FOREX to within 1% of the value of the euro. Exchange rates of other currencies (dollar, pounds, krone, frank ...) to lat are changing depending on exchange course these currencies against the euro.
Currencies Exchange rates to lat in Riga's change offices and banks

euro exchang lat latvia rate money europe currency riga convertor Euro (EUR) 10 EUR 0.00 LVL 10 LVL inf EUR
US dollar exchang to lat latvia rate money american currency riga convertor U.S. Dollar (USD) 10 USD 0.00 LVL 10 LVL inf USD

Russian rouble exchang lat latvia rate russia money currency riga ruble convertor Russian rouble (RUB) 100 RUB 0.00 LVL 10 LVL INF RUB
english UK pound exchang lat latvia rate England GB great britain money currency riga convertor British pound (GBP) 10 GBP 0.00 LVL 10 LVL inf GBP
israeli shekel exchang lat latvia rate israel jewish money currency riga convertor Israeli Shekel (ILS) 10 ILS 0.00 LVL 10 LVL inf ILS
lithuanian lit exchang lat latvia rate lithuania letonie money currency riga convertor Lithuanian lit (LTL) 10 LTL 0.00 LVL 10 LVL inf LTL
Belorussian rouble exchang lat latvia rate belarus money currency riga ruble convertor Belarusian ruble (BYR) 10k BYR 0 LVL 10 LVL 0 BYR
hryvna Ukranian hryvna exchang lat latvia rate ukraine grivna money currency riga hryvnia convertor Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) 100 UAH 0.00 LVL 10 LVL INF UAH
Swedish krone exchang lat latvia rate sweden money krona currency riga convertor Swedish krona (SEK) 100 SEK 0.00 LVL 10 LVL INF SEK
Norwegian krone exchang lat latvia rate Norway money krona currency riga convertor Norwegian krone (NOK) 100 NOK 0.00 LVL 10 LVL INF NOK
Danish krone exchang lat latvia rate denmark money krona currency riga dutch denish convertor Danish krone (DKK) 100 DKK 0.00 LVL 10 LVL INF DKK
Czech krone exchang lat latvia rate chehia money koruna currency riga convertor Czech koruna (CZK) 100 CZK 0.00 LVL 10 LVL INF CZK
Polish zloty exchang lat latvia rate poland money krona currency riga convertor Polish zloty (PLN) 100 PLN 0.00 LVL 10 LVL inf PLN
  money exchange rates in latvia riga

28-Jun-2022 2:43:10 currency jurmala latvia course change riga latvija valuta rates lv euro
Money Exchange - Any currencies to lats and back - free and everywhere - currency (euro, dollars, pounds, krones, etc.) can be exchanged in banks, exchange offices, airport Riga, hotels. The exchange rate is different everywhere. The amount of money for exchange is not limited. Money Exchange in Latvia you may do without presenting any documents. In case of exchange amount over 5000 lats (more 7100 euros), you will be asked to show passport or other ID. "Valutas Maina" - Currency exchange in latvian language. Money change offices are everywhere - on streets, railway stations, airport, post offices, sea port - and open seven days a week. Currencies exchange rates in Riga - may be various. You can change money in latvia banks, but the exchange rate will be worse than the best rates in exchange offices of Riga, except airport. Banks are open weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00. Seven days a week and till 21:00 open banks that are located in all shopping centers, airport. You can change any currency - euros, dollars, pounds, russian ruble, krona, litas, hryvnia. Best money exchange offices in Riga (for example, "Marika") offer the best and profitable currency exchange rates in Riga, located in city center - on the Merkela street (opposite Central Station) and the exchange rate shown in the table of currency convertor rates for lat. These exchange rates will help you decide which currency you'd better take to Latvia (euros, dollars, rubles, pounds, krones), because the exchange rate of any currency (euro, dollars, rubles, pounds, kronas) to local latvia money (lats) in Riga and Jurmala will be much better than in your city in England, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway or in any another country.
 Exchange offices in Jurmala as well as some exchange offices in Riga set up multiple exchange rates for currencies, and the rate depends on the amount of exchange money. Just not to be cheated or not to be misunderstood with mistaken currency exchange rate in Jurmala - first of all find out the exchange rate for your amount - ask the cashier in exchange office. You may also change money in latvian banks. When you exchange money in bank in Latvia - you have to pay the bank charges (about 50 sant.). Currency exchange offices in Jurmala located along the Jomas street. Some bank's branches are also located on Jomas street GE Money (address: Jomas 59) and Latvijas Krajbanka (Jomas 37). Next to MAJORI there are branches of banks Citadele (Jomas 1), Swedbank (Dubultu pr. 3), SEB (Dubultu pr. 19). The exchange rate for lats in Latvia is much cheaper than abroad. That's why to change euros, dollars, pounds, rubles, krones for lats and back - it's better in Latvia. The profitable and the best exchange rate for currencies to lats definitely in Latvia. best exchange rate in riga money currency
best currency exchange convertor rate in latvia
 Latvian money - One lat consists of 100 centimes. In Latvia there are coins 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 centimes, 1, 2 lats and banknotes - 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 lats. In addition Bank of Latvia issues every year special silver coins dedicated to the people, cities, events as well as one-lat coins with unusual design such as a coin of happiness with image of chimney sweep Marika money exchange in riga

best money exchange in Latvia
FOREX - Exchange rate euro for lat is constant and Bank of Latvia allows to vary the rate of lat (local latvian money) in the FOREX within 1% of the value of euro. Exchange rates of other currencies - dollar, pounds, krone, franc - to lat are changing depend on exchange course these currencies against euro. Lat's rate changes to other currencies together with changes euro in market FOREX. Forex (or FX) - the interbank foreign exchange market for free prices. The Forex market (FX-market) is used for mutual exchange quote. Forex trading (FOREX) - currency market and currency trading - is used for speculative currency trading using leverage, margin trading currency. Latvian lat rate in relation to global currencies (Euro Pound Ruble Franc Yen Krona) in the FOREX see in the table.  
Bank of Latvia
euro exchang lat latvia rate money forex currency fx riga convertor EUR 0.0001 1.0000
US dollar exchang lat latvia rate USA money forex american currency fx riga convertor USD 0.0001
english pound exchang lat latvia rate UK england GB money forex currency fx riga convertor britain GBP 0.0001
japanese yen exchang lat latvia rate japan money forex currency fx riga convertor JPY 0.00015
franc exchang lat latvia rate swiss money switzerland forex currency fx riga convertor CHF 0.0001
russia ruble exchang lat latvia rate russian money rouble forex currency fx riga convertor RUB 0.0001
LAT - Foreign currency exchange rate in Riga, Latvia is more profitable than in England, Finland, Norway, USA, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Lietuva, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kiev and change other foreign currency - euro, dollars, pounds, franc, yen, rubles, hryvnia, krones, lits for Latvian lats - more comfortable in Riga, Latvia. Latvian exchange rate allows to best change foreign money with profit here in Latvia. See the table of exchange rates in Marika and Tavex Money Converter (Dollars Euro Pound hryvna) as best exchange rates for lats in Riga, Latvia on this page. Network of exchange currency offices (euro, dollars, pounds for lats) is widely spread in all cities of Latvia and you can change any foreign currency - rubles, hryvna, shekel, euro, dollar, pound, krona - and any amount of money - the best exchange rate in Riga Latvia. It's more profitable to change foreign currencies for latvian money lats (LVL) in Riga Latvia.

  Address: Konkordijas Str. 64, Majori, Jurmala, LV-2015, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 26 33 95 80, (+371) 29 79 49 45
Fax: (+371) 67755959   e-mail: hotel_concordia@hotmail.com
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