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  Riga Airport ⇔ Jurmala

APARTMENTS for RENT - 25 EUR        
  How to get to Jurmala from Riga city center you can find out here. About public transportation (bus, train) in Jurmala city you will get know on this page. How to call taxi and all about taxi in Jurmala you can read here.

get reach jurmala riga airport bus coach
  How to get to Jurmala from Riga Airport

  Airport "Riga" is located midway between the centre of Riga and Jurmala, but unfortunately at the present time there is no direct bus line that conects Jurmala and Riga Airport. Past years you could reach Jurmala from Riga airport on Jurmala Coach (see picture) but now this route is cancelled.

  Now there are two options how to get to Jurmala from Riga Airport and back: by Taxi and by Public Transport through Riga city. Taxi is more expensive but more comfortable and faster. Prices for buses are cheaper but it's more complicated because you need to make transfer in Riga from one bus to another or to train.

  Taxi in Riga Airport and Transfer from Riga Airport to Jurmala

  There are two taxi companies operate in Riga Airport - Baltic Taxi and Red Cab Taxi. You may take this taxi or you may call any taxi from list of taxi companies and they will pick-up you in Riga Airport. You do not have to pay extra money for taxi call by phone - boarding price must be on taxi counter. Price for trip on taxi from Riga Airport to Jurmala 25-45 euro and depends how far in Jurmala you need to go. Duration of time - about 20 minutes.

  If you are coming to our our Jurmala Hotel Concordia we insistently recommend to print maps from this page and give it to taxi driver that he drive you directly to the hotel and not enlarge the taxi-counter price by driving around hotel in Jurmala.

  Guests of Jurmala Hotel Concordia can order (arrange) meeting at Riga Airport and transfer to Hotel Concordia in Jurmala. The price of transfer for taxi-service from Riga Airport to Jurmala is 20 euro for 1 car for max 4-5 persons. You need to order this transfer in advance (in prior). Transfer is cheap than taxi in Riga Airport. Transfer (taxi-service) from Riga Airport to Jurmala is available only for guests of Hotel Concordia in Jurmala Latvia.

jurmala taxi car riga taksi airport transfer

  How to reach Jurmala from Riga Airport by Bus & Train via Riga city
  There are 3 options how to get to Jurmala from Riga Airport through Riga City. Bus route no.22 run from Riga airport to Riga city centre often. Bus driver sells tickets. Baggage carriage on this route is free of charge. Interactive map of public transport look here (select bus line 22 above the map and you will see the route on the Riga map). Timetable of traffic of Riga transportation look here.

  1. Take the Bus No.22 in Riga Airport and go till the centre of Riga - it bus-stops "Stockmann centrs" or "Centraltirgus" (Central market) - and take the train or minibus to Jurmala. More information how to get to Jurmala from Riga city centre by train or minibus you will get know on this page. As a result you will spend 2 hours to reach Jurmala. But there is a way to save at least an 1 hour.

  2. Take the Bus No.22 in Riga Airport to Riga centre direction. And leave bus at the 4th stop "T/c SPICE" (Shopping centre "SPICE") or on any other the next 4 stops and just go on the opposite side of the road. And there take the minibus 7021. Inside buses the names of bus stops are written on the board. It is necessary to raise your hand to stop minibus. It takes less than 1 hour and less than 2 lats (3 euro) to reach Jurmala from Riga Airport.

  3. Take minibus No.241 in Riga Airport. It's only one minibus here. Route map of minibus No.241 look here. Timetable minibus No.241 look here. Leave minibus No.241 near "Imanta" railway station (ask minibus driver) and take train here to Jurmala direction. It takes less than 1 hour and less than 1,5 lats (2 euro) to reach Jurmala from Riga Airport by this way. Better if you have navigation system on your smartphone. See the schedule of trains in Latvia here or here and the cost (price) of train tickets on site of Latvian Railway. Map of railway stations look here. Tickets for minibus you can buy in minibus and tickets for train in every train station or inside train.
riga airport bus 22

jurmala train

  Address: Konkordijas Str. 64, Majori, Jurmala, LV-2015, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 26 33 95 80, (+371) 29 79 49 45
Fax: (+371) 67755959   e-mail: hotel_concordia@hotmail.com
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