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  All EXTREME in Riga Latvia

latvia fly
  Who said people can't fly? YOU CAN!!! Make your dream of flying is real in vertical wind tunnel AERODIUM and get excited! No rope, no parachute. It's something you need to try for sure - FLIGHT! Anyone are welcome to start flying. The strong air stream of the wind tunnel lets a person to lay on it and fly. By changing body positions, the laws of aerodynamics are enable to raise you into the skies, to perform any movements and acrobatics, and to feel unbelievable new emotions. It's something for what you need to come in Latvia. Info >>

  ►  SIGULDA BOBSLEIGH Track in winter and in summer
Sigulda bobsleigh track winter summer
  FANTASTIC place for visit! You have seen bobsleigh competitions on TV and now YOU may explore the real feelings of bobsleigh pilots. Extreme feelings! It's only one bobsleigh track in Eastern Europe. Built in 1986. Length - 1 km, height - 121 m, 17 steep turns, speed - 120 km/h. Different kinds of bobs and sleighs. Track's open in winter and summer. Ride bob and positive emotions, excitement and joy of speed are guaranteed! Info >

  ►  WATER SKI & WAKEBOARD Extreme Fun on River
Jurmala water fun
  Extreme adventures on water ski and wakeboard. You don't need previous experience. BWSF certified water ski & wakeboard instructors will teach you to "fly" on the water. Water Club is located near Jurmala Hotel Concordia and offers different kinds of water ski and waterboard including fantastic SKY SKI. Info >>

  ►  Paraplane and Motoparaplane Flights
Jurmala air fun paraplane motoparaplane latvia riga
  There are two paraplane clubs in Riga which may learn you to drive paraplane and give you certified licence or you may order the motoparaplane flight with instructor over Riga and Jurmala. If you would like to look on Earth like bird choose club ADRENALIN or paraplan.lv and explore new feelings! Flight season - from april till october.

  ►  BUNGEE JUMPING from Cable Car (Sigulda)
Jurmala bungee jumping latvia
  In the beautiful Gauya National Park in Sigulda you can jump from the Cable car from height of 50 metres where river look likes a narrow stream. The way down takes a few seconds but time for coming to yourself - much more time. For acuteness of feelings You may jump tandem (two persons together) or ... naked ;-) INFO >>

  ►  Real Shooting - Big Guns - AK-47 and Combat Weapons (Riga)
jurmala big guns riga shooting latvia military weapon
  Wanna be as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Terminator"? Realize your craziest "shoot 'em up" fantasy at a Soviet bunker right here in centre of Riga. Very wide range of military weapon, among them: AK47, Glock 17 Pistol, Benelli M3 Shotgun, SIG-Sauer, Winchester, Magnum, Uzi as well as weapon of World War II and others. Also you may choose ammunition and "enemy" target. Smells of gunpowder and underground raise your level of adrenalin and testosterone. You may imagine yourself as spy in secret KGB bunker as it really was in "Cold War" time. You don't need expirience, only passport or driving licence and not to be drunk. The price for Shooting Package of different 15 shots is 30-50 euro. REGRO-S (Daugavgrivas 31, ph: 67601705).

The second shooting place with Real Guns and live rounds - D-Dupleks (Brivibas 197, ph: 67271797, 29123389)
  ►  Clay Pigeon SHOOTING (Riga)
 Have you ever been at Duck Hunting? It's your chance! And after successful hunting all ducks remain alive :-)
 Clay pigeon shooting will open yours qualities of real hunter: self-control, a keen eye and quick reactions. Waiting for target when the finger on the trigger you'll hear your heartbeat. But... Target, Fire and ... Yeeeah! .... or Ohhhh :-)
 Shooting complex unite outdoor relaxation in Latvia's countryside with the sound of shooting guns and exploding clays. You find here delicious cafeteria. The price for 25 shots is 5 LVL (7 EUR). Clay Pigeon SHOOTING is Olympic sports and probably you make your first step to Gold Medal here in SPORTING
 We offer: Taxi-Service from our Hotel to "SPORTING" - 25 EUR
                  for 1 car (max 4-6 pers.) for 1 way (40 min.)
 The second clay pigeon shooting centre - Viesakas
jurmala sporting shooting latvia riga
  ►  DIVING (Jurmala)
First step to beauty of world ocean you may make in Jurmala. There are many diving clubs which provide training for everybody, diving in lakes, underwater tours to wrecked ships in Baltic Sea as well as exotic diving adventures in any point of Earth.
Training course goes in 3 days: one day - diving in swimming pool and two days diving in open water exactly in Jurmala. Course "PADI Open Water Diver" will give you knowledge and skills necessary for safe diving to a depth of 18 meters, where flora and fauna of the waterworld is concentrated. The price for course is about 100 euro.
Children (8 years old and older) also may take special diving course "PADI Bublemaker". Skilled PADI instructor will teach your child to breathe under water. Your kid will receive a diploma and many new exciting impressions.
Diving Clubs in Jurmala and Riga:   Big Fish,   Sea Wind,
Baltic Seal,   Poseidon,   Coral,   Reef,   Deep Dive,
Waterworld,   Climb & Dive,   Dive Sport,   Diving.LV
jurmala diving latvia
Information about Diving in Latvia:   Daivings.LV,   Daivings.net,   Shop for Divers
  ►  AIRPLANE FLIGHTS - YOU ARE A PILOT!!!  and  Excursion Flights over Cities
jurmala pilot air plane excursions tours over riga latvia
  If you're dreaming to drive a airplane - that's your chance. You don't need pilot licence. Under the supervision of an instructor pilot, you will know what it means to drive a plane. This "Iron Bird" will be under YOUR control. DISCOVER the SKY! Plane CESSNA-172 may take 4 passangers. The price for flight is about 80 euro for 30 minutes. CESSNA INFO     Also you may get international private pilot license after learning course at certified pilot training school located in Riga Avioservice MIGOT

  If you want to look at latvian cities from the height where birds fly we offer different airplane companies in cities of Latvia - Ikskile (ph: 29253166), Liepaja (ph: 29229771), Sigulda & Gauja National Park (ph: 29689636), Cesis (ph: 28617312). Crazy & funny motor hang glider in Riga (ph: 29511922, 29555532) and Jelgava (29112087)

  ►   JUMP with PARACHUTE - 4 km Free Falling (Jelgava)
 "Have you ever jumped with parachute?" How many times you have been asked this question. Time for real extreme is come. Are you ready to discover feelings of Agent 007 James Bond? It's your chance!
After 20 minutes training, plane take you up to 4000m (4km) altitude, where experienced tandem parachute instructor will fasten you to itself and you do the jump together.
Jumping from a great height - 4 km - you have the opportunity to feel what these people are actually involved in - FREE FALLING! You'll soar above the earth, like a bird, and experience a feeling of complete freedom.
You will experience some minute of free fall and then a flight with a parachute, which is specially designed for two persons. All work to control the height, opening and management of the parachute, landing will do tandem master. You also may to drive parachute, but all that you need to do is to be relaxed, have enjoyed and get FUN! Prior experience or special training courses are not required.
jurmala parachute riga parashut latvija
Parashute Clubs: Free Fly and SkyDive (Jelgava), Cessna (Adazi), DropZone (Daugavpils), Cesis (28617312)
The distance from Jurmala to Jelgava or Adazi is 30 km.
  ►  4x4 Off-Road Adventures Latvia - Jeep Safari, Quads, Buggy and Amphibians
  We offer you to discover the Ultimate Off Roading Experience in Latvia. This is not just a road trip on a smooth highway, but rather a quest for the most remote parts of Latvia. Enjoy the challenge of exploration of all types of Latvia's beautiful countryside. As deeper pool - as better. These vehicles are not afraid of dirt. Military training areas - the best place for demonstration the capabilities of these machines.

  The trip starts right at the door of your house! The instructor will come to you and your friends to roll you in the most impassable roads in Latvia, as well as give you the opportunity to try driving a jeep.

  Off-road Adventures: 4x4 Off Road Safari,   MAX Amphibians,   Off-road Buggy & Quadracycles
Jurmala jeep safari off road latvia
  Quad combines the best qualities of car and motorcycle. If you like top speed - you will love quad. Driving Quadracycle - this is emotions explosion, a tool for relaxation, rest and charge of positive emotions.

  You have a wonderful opportunity to drive on track, on the sand, as well as in impassable forest and pools! You will get the true pleasure of overcoming obstacles in your path. And if you can not manage with the difficult parts of the road, the experienced instructor will be happy to help you!

  Taking a ride in a buggy can become an exciting adventure as for experienced driver and as for beginner. Go for a ride and feel speed! Drive buggy in rally and feel the taste the victory!

  Buggy & Quadracycles Tracks and Off-Roads: X-Park,   Bokarti,   ATV Zone,   Lieputrija,   Milzkalns
Jurmala quad Quadracycle Latvia
jurmala peinbols latvia paintball riga
  Paintball is a fantastic activity for groups visiting Riga – exciting cocktail of shooting, adrenaline and real soldier's instincts. Different unfamiliar people play in one game. For 10 euro you will receive all equipment – markers with air balloon, masks, gloves, uniforms and 100 balls (more 100 balls - 4 euro). Battlefield has many obstacles that you must overcome, but each of them may hide "the enemy". So be careful and go forward to victory!

  Paintball Clubs: Jugland and PIF PAF (Riga),   Mengeli and Milzkalns (Tukums),   Smiltene,   Gulbene
  Address: Konkordijas Str. 64, Majori, Jurmala, LV-2015, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 26 33 95 80, (+371) 29 79 49 45
Fax: (+371) 67755959   e-mail: hotel_concordia@hotmail.com
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