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  Travel to Jurmala - all tourism information about holidays
in Jurmala, Latvia - with the detailed description, travel tips,
photos, tourism information centre - contacts for tourist visit
Jurmala Latvia, tour, excursion, transportation, guide holiday
activities, travel tourism vacation info look on
this page.

On this page look prices for holidays in Jurmala.
We try to give guide to prices and costs in Jurmala
to help you calculate your expenses for holidays in Jurmala.

  The cost of holidays in Jurmala is the sum of the price of insurance, the price of the ticket, transfer, cost of accommodation in the hotel Jurmala, meal and food prices, tours and excursions expenses, the cost of entertainment, games, sport activities, spending on souvenirs and other purchases and ongoing costs. Save money for excellent holiday is prohibited, but you can try for the same money to get more pleasure. There are several ways to achieve such a result: you can travel by your own car, take discounts, you can do everything by yourself without travel-agency - book a hotel, buy tickets, making insurance, get visas, plan your excursions. And the economy will be up to 30-50%.
  The cost of health insurance - approximately 1-2 euro per 1 person a day. When buying health insurance necessarily specify how and where to address in case of illness or accident.
  The price of ticket to Riga.. The lowest prices for transport to Riga on the bus. So the price of the ticket on the bus from Tallinn starting from 10 euros, from Vilnius - from 15 euro, from Minsk - 23 euro, from Kyiv - 50 euro, from Moscow - from 25 to 50 euros, from St.-Petersburg - from 9 up to 30 euro, from Pskov - 15 euro, from Kaliningrad - 21 euro. A more accurate price can be found on the websites: Ecolines, Lux Express, Simple, Riga International Coach Terminal.
  The price for airplane and train tickets to Riga constantly vary, but price still below 100 euros. Price of Flight tickets may be even lower than the price for train. And than a pre-buy a ticket on the train or airplane flight, the price for a ticket below. Prices on flights to Riga from different airlines, you can see on the websites: SkyScanner, Amadeus, Polet-Sirena, Expedia, Train in Riga goes inside Latvia and iternational routes to Moscow, St.Petersburg, Tallinn, Minsk and to Europe. The prices of railway tickets for the train to Riga you can look on the websites: Latvian and Foreign carriers, International trains Latvia, Train Tickets, Rail Europe, Train Ticket Europe, Inter Rail Network.
  Transfer from Riga to Jurmala. You can get to Jurmala from Riga on bus or local train - the price of 1 ticket - 1-1,5 euros or you may ask for meeting. If you order transfer in our Hotel - the cost of the transfer (taxi services) from Riga to Jurmala - 20 euro for 1 car for 4-5 people. From the airport of Riga to Jurmala direct public transport does not route, you can reach Jurmala from Airport only on taxi or on public transport through Riga. More information read on this page.
  A trip on vacation in Jurmala on your own car. At the same time to save money and to make your holiday more exciting you can go to Jurmala on the car. The advantages of such leisure can be cheapness and the opportunity to be mobile, because Jurmala is located at a distance of 1 day trip on car. To travel by car to Jurmala you need insurance. For those who don't live in Europe, this is called "green card". This obligatory insurance protects the other cars from your actions on the road. If you want in addition you can buy CASCO car insurance for trip to Latvia. The price of gasoline and diesel fuel in Latvia - 1.10 to 1.20 euros per 1 liter. Latvia doesn't have borders with EU countries and hve border with Russia and Belarus. Difficulties in crossing these border does not occur, the truth is on the border of Latvia and Russia sometimes there is a queue. But this is a trifle in compare with the idea to go on a trip abroad in your own car.
  The cost of accommodation at the hotel in Jurmala. Prices for rooms in hotels in Jurmala very much vary. The room price for 2 people in one of the hotel on the beach of Jurmala in the peak season can be up to a couple of thousand euros per night. In our hotel the price of a room with seasonal discounts starting from 17 euros per night for a double room (8,5 euros per person) - Check hotel rates.
  The prices for accommodation in Jurmala during the summer season are increasing due to the popularity of Jurmala not only among the foreign tourists but also among the local population. One of the ways to save money for accommodation costs in Jurmala - it is the choice of time for your visit. The most favorable period from this point of view - are spring, the beginning and the end of the summer, and autumn. Weather soft, relatively warm sea, tourists and local visitors is much less, than in the height of summer. Also to make the price of accommodation in hotel in Jurmala a little less is possible to communicate with the hotel directly by phone or e-mail or use the online booking hotel systems such Booking.Com, LateRooms, OctopusTravel, EasyToBook, Skoosh, Hotels, HotelClub.
  Prices for restaurants in Jurmala. Holidays in Jurmala is a feast for lovers of tasty meals. In Jurmala you will find restaurants of national cuisines of many nations of the world (latvian, slavic, asian, european, caucasus and latin american). The average price of hot dishes 5-10 EUR. Especially popular in Jurmala - pastries and confectioner's shops offering to enjoy coffee with cakes cooked right on the spot. This pleasure will cost you in 1.5-2 euro. Prices for food in Jurmala is quite low, especially in comparison with the countries of Western Europe and in Moscow. There are pizzeria, and a steak house and sushi-bars, and restaurants of fast-food and inexpensive dining rooms with self-catering and low prices in Jurmala Latvia. And even on the beach of Jurmala there are numerous tents eateries offering fresh hot shish kebab with a side dish at the price of 3-4 EUR.
  The prices of the food products and meal in Latvia, Riga, Jurmala. In our hotel all rooms are equipped with kitchens, then if you wish you can cook a meal by yourself. The prices of the food products in Jurmala and Latvia approximately such: Bread - 0,5-1 euro, Milk (1 litre) - 0.7 euros, Sugar (1 kg) - 0,8 euros, Meat (1 kg) - 3-5 euro, fresh and smoked Fish (1 kg) - 2-8 euro, Sausages (1 kg) - 3 euro, Cheese (1 kg) - 4-6 euros, Butter (100 g) - 1 euro, Sour cream (0,5l) - 0,9 euro, Eggs (10 pieces) - 0,9 euro, Potato (1 kg) - 0,35 euro, Strawberry (1 kg) - 4-5 euro, Bilberry (1l) - 1.4 euro, Apples (1 kg) - 0.7 euros, Tomatoes (1 kg) - 1,3 euro, Cucumbers (1 kg) - 1 euro, Apricots, Peaches (1 kg) - 1,5 euro, Water-melons (1 kg) - 0,35 euro, Bananas (1 kg) - 4 euro, Tea (100 gr) - 1 eur, Ground Coffee (250 gr) - 3 euro, Cookies (1 kg) - 2 euro, Chocolate (100 gr.) - 0.7 euros, vegetable Oil (1l) - 1,3 euro, Wine (bottle) - 3-4 euros, Vodka (0,5 l) - 4 euro, Beer (0,5) - 0,5-1 euro, Cigarettes (1 pack) - 3 euro (cigarettes in Latvia can be imported only in number of 2 packs).
  Prices on the products stated on the end of 2010, these prices are approximate and may vary from seasonality, and depending on the store. To find out the exact price of the products in Latvia go to the sites of grocery shops: RIMI, Elvi, MAXIMA (and then on the left side of that page you should click on MAXIMA X XX XXX).
  The prices for excursions and sightseeing tours. There is a tour office, excursion bureau, travel agency desk not far from our hotel in centre of city Jurmala. Great choice of excursion programs in Latvia duration from 3 to 10 hours. The price of the tours and excursions from 20 to 35 euro for 1 person. In Latvia there are a large number of companies that organize bus tours inside Latvia and bus tours to outside of Latvia, for example in Tallinn, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania. Just type in any search engine (better Google.LV) "bus trips to latvia", "bus tours of riga prices", etc. and get the whole list of excursion tour bus companies. For Example: Laimture, Jurata, Impro, VisiAutobusi, RigaTur, Blagovest, LatTravel.
  If you are going in holiday time in Jurmala to travel inside Latvia we recommend you to buy in advance travel guide for Riga and Latvia. Sightseeing tours and excursions in Latvia you can organize by yourself - car rental companies operates in Latvia (the cost of the rental car from 15 to 20 euros per day), and the transport in Latvia is also developed very well.
  Jurmala is located in 20 km from Riga. The price of the ticket for bus or train to Riga 1-1,5 euro. You can use service of one of the guides who will make for you 2-hour walking sightseeing tour of Old Riga. Cost of the tour - negotiated price - from 15 euro and above for the whole group. In the Old Riga small excursion train operates every 30-45 minutes and run along all the Old Riga sightseeing place with guide voice earphone (headphone). There are headphones where in many languages tell you about the sights of the Old town of Riga. Price of the trip - 4 euro for 1 person. In Riga on different routes go sightseeing tours by bus (there are even open the buses without roof) and the guide in the earpiece tells in any language about Riga. The ticket is sold for one day or 2 days. You can leave bus where you want and take another sightseeing city tour bus (hop-on hop-off bus). The prices for these buses - from 5 euro for 1 person. More information.
  You can also take the train or the bus from Jurmala and get to any city of Latvia. Our country is rather small and it doesn't take a lot of time to reach any place in Latvia by transport. In each city there is a tourist information office and you can order a excurison tour or take a walk with guide-book. Everywhere in Latvia you will be understood in English.
  Ferry run from Riga to Stockholm (Sweden) and back every day. So this is a great opportunity to go on a tour in Stockholm organized by the ferry company Tallink.
  Prices of fun activities amusement and entertainment in Jurmala. The cost of fun in Jurmala is not large. The most expensive fun amusement - aqua park LIVU waterpark. The price of the ticket of LIVU aquapark depends on season and number of people in your group - and the price of the ticket can be from 10 to 20 euro for 1 person. But visit to Aquapark is worth this money. Aquapark in Jurmala is the largest water amusement park in the nordic countries and Eastern Europe where collected more than 45 attractions, tubes and slides for leisure and fun amusement of children and adults. Also there is a cheap bistro in akvapark.
  In Jurmala there are a lot of free and paid attractions, fun amusement activities and entertainment. There is amusement children forest park Dzintari with free playgrounds for children of different ages with a variety of trampolines, jump, climb and rotate facilities, ropes, slides, swings and other developed for kids free amusements in Jurmala. 32-meter high tower is built in the middle of children park where you may observe a fantastic view over Jurmala. Also there is paid fun amusement park in Jurmala. Prices are relatively low and can be chosen to match your budget.
  Prices for concerts and music festivals in Jurmala. Jurmala for the most people is known as a cultural area as a venue for many cultural events, such as the New Wave, KVN-Kivin, humor, jazz and opera festivals, classic music concerts and shows with participation of popular pop stars of Latvia, Russia and World. There are disco bars, night clubs, parades of brides and retro-cars. But holidays in Jurmala can not be limitted only in Jurmala area. Riga, the capital of Latvia, is located in 20 km from Jurmala and it's rich with sights and cultural life. In museums in Jurmala, you can go free of charge. The prices for exhibitions, cultural events, concerts and music festivals in Riga and in Jurmala are small - from 5 to 30 euros.
  Prices for souvenirs and other purchases and ongoing costs and expenses. Souvenirs are sold everywhere. In Jurmala you will be able to buy magnet, keychain, postcards, t-shirts, souvenir plates and mugs, amber and silver jewelry, cheerful products from clay and elegant unusual glass souvenirs. The choice is very large and the price is small. In recent times among tourists great popularity began to use the antiques from Latvia.
  Other costs where you can spend money - phone calls. So you need to find out the prices for roaming in your company mobile communication and the possibility of replenishment of the account from abroad. In the Latvia you can freely buy the SIM-card, or a phone card for international calls abroad. The internet in our hotel - wireless Wi-Fi and free of charge for our guests.
  Also you may spend money for SPA-services. But the prices and costs for SPA-procedures in Jurmala differ very much between the SPA-salons and of themselves SPA-procedures differ so greatly among themselves that the price of the SPA in Jurmala - this is a separate topic. And the prices for SPA, by definition may not be cheap.
  Address: Konkordijas Str. 64, Majori, Jurmala, LV-2015, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 26 33 95 80, (+371) 29 79 49 45
Fax: (+371) 67755959   e-mail: hotel_concordia@hotmail.com
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